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CS Course Fair (Fall 2023)

Hear from students and faculty about fall CS offerings!

Date: Monday, April 17, 2023
Time: 5:30pm โ€“ 6:30pm
Location: CIT Third-Floor Atrium

Looking to solidify your course schedule before pre-registration? Want to chat with professors and HTAs about what you can expect in their course? Come hear from students that have recently taken the courses you are considering, as well as faculty in the department! Join the open social discussion and talk 1:1 with students, HTAs, and faculty! Get a feel for all the CS department’s offerings at our course pre-registration fair!

Featuring a number of both intermediate and upper-level classes, come no matter what level you are at in your concentration! Including representatives from…

  • CS 0320 Software Engineering
  • CS 0330 Computer Systems
  • CS 1010 Theory of Computation
  • CS 1230 Computer Graphics
  • CS 1270 Database Management Systems
  • CS 1410 Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 1460 Computational Linguistics
  • CS 1570 Algorithms
  • CS 1650 Software Security and Exploitation
  • CS 1680 Computer Networks
  • CS 1730 Programming Languages
  • CS 1760 Multiprocessor Synchronization
  • CS 1870 Cybersecurity Ethics
  • CS 1951R Introduction to Robotics
  • CS 1951V Hypertext and Hypermedia