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CS Course Fair (Spring 2024)

Hear from students and faculty about spring CS offerings!

Date: Monday, November 6, 2023
Time: 4:20pm โ€“ 5:20pm
Location: CIT Third-Floor Atrium

Looking to solidify your course schedule before pre-registration? Want to chat with professors and HTAs about what you can expect in their course? Join the open social discussion and talk 1:1 with students, HTAs, and faculty! Get a feel for all the CS department’s offerings at our course pre-registration fair!

Featuring a number of both intermediate and upper-level classes, come no matter what level you are at in your concentration! Including representatives from…

  • cs0220 Discrete Structures and Probability
  • cs0300 Computer Systems
  • cs0320 Software Engineering
  • cs0500 Data Structures, Algorithms, and Intractability
  • cs1040 Basics of Cryptographic Systems
  • cs1420 Machine Learning
  • cs1430 Computer Vision
  • cs1440 Algorithmic Game Theory
  • cs1470 Deep Learning
  • cs1515 Applied Cryptography
  • cs1670 Operating Systems
  • cs1710 Logic for Systems
  • cs1800 Cybersecurity and International Relations
  • cs1951A Data Science
  • cs1951L Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies
  • cs1952B Responsible Computer Science in Practice
  • cs2240 Advanced Computer Graphics
  • cs2270 Topics in Database Management
  • cs2999A Cybersecurity Management Within Business, Government, and Non-Profit Organizations